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We have first-hand understanding of the challenges you face while looking for reliable in-home care for your loved ones. That's why we created Silver Lining Care, to help families like yours enjoy better everyday living in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

At Silver Lining Care, we are passionate about offering the highest standards of excellence and compassion to those we serve. We have first-hand experience with the hardships of finding reliable and compassionate help for your family members; that's why we created Silver Lining Care, to address those very challenges so more families like yours can enjoy better and happier everyday living, in the freedom of their own home.

Our team is committed to ensuring comfort, dignity and quality of life for each individual with a person-centered approach based on their specific needs. To this end, we only employ the highest quality of staff. We perform thorough background checks on all of our employees and pride ourselves in providing our staff with an industry leading training program that includes first aid, AED and CPR certifications. We are a fully insured and bonded business that believes nothing but the best can provide the very best.

The list of helpful services we offer includes: light housekeeping; meal preparation; grooming and bathing assistance; transportation and errands; grocery shopping; outings; respite care for primary caregivers, and more.


Contact us today for more information. 

Let us show you how we tailor a care plan that meets the unique needs of those in need. 

Silver Lining Care puts your family first, because

you are like family to us.

Silver Lining Care is accredited by the following organizations:

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Get to know us

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Cynthia Lohstroh

Owner, CEO

"I care about people. I was very fortunate growing up and want to be able to pay it forward. I want to work with all individuals and help to make a positive difference in their lives. I want to hire only the best staff, pay them well, and ensure they come highly trained and with the resources needed to do a great job. I want our clients to know that we care about their family members like our own. All of my 'wants' are the result of issues I experienced personally, and that I don't want my client to have to experience for themselves."

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We make a difference for youyour family

Silver Lining Care offers safe, personalized, and compassionate care services; 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. We know not all families have the same exact needs, and we believe in providing personalized care that fits your unique schedule, living situation, and budget. Learn more about the services we offer, or give us a call to discuss a custom care plan tailored to your family.


Contact us at (513) 752-0451

Silver Lining Care, LLC is COVID-19 compliant. We have always placed the health and welfare of those we serve as our top priority, and will continue to do so during and after this pandemic.

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